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Creating smiles from the heart

Welcome to Renew Dental Care!

At ReNew Dental Care we believe that you, the patient, are in total control of your treatment and outcome.  Our team takes the responsibility to provide education and information which enables you to make informed choices and decisions that best meet your life goals.

We take time and listen as you share your intimate feelings and desires and we learn how the condition of your oral health has negatively or positively impacted many of your  lives.  Our team observes that many of our patients silently long to restore their teeth because the current state of their teeth does not reflect who they really are.

We support our patients who may have put off seeking dental care due to fear, finances, or other priorities… until that day, when something happens in their life and the desire for change empowers them.  They find the courage and will to call our office for an appointment.  We often feel and share their emotional pain as they express how the beautiful smile they seek will  finally be the outward reflection  and expression of the real person they say is locked inside.

Most of our patients are referred to our practice from friends and family who have had positive expereinces.  By providing cosmetic make overs, dental implants, invisalign, oral sedation, and general dentistry, our team graciously assist in your journey to transform and ReNew your life.  We look forward to working with you.  Please contact us by phone at (441) 400-5858 or email: to schedule an appointment.