Laser Dentistry In Bermuda

Laser Dentistry

At ReNew Dental Care, Dr. Landy uses laser dentistry procedures to give our patients a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Dr. Landy is able to use laser dentistry to deliver precise treatments that are more comfortable and take less time.

There are quite a few benefits to receiving laser dentistry treatment:

  • Anesthesia is not required for many laser dentistry treatments
  • Recovery time post-treatment is generally much quicker than with traditional dental treatment
  • Laser dentistry treatments are often more comfortable for patients
  • The risk of bacterial infection is lowered due to the instant cauterization of laser dentistry treatments


For patients who need surgery for severe gum disease that cannot be cured with antibiotics or other treatment methods, Dr. Landy will perform a gingivectomy using laser dentistry.

A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that removes and reshapes loose, diseased gum tissue to get rid of pockets between the teeth and gums. After a gingivectomy, it will often be easier for patients to keep their teeth and gums clean.

Gum Contouring

This laser dentistry procedure has many different names, including laser gum reshaping, gum surgery, gum sculpting, and dental crown lengthening.

Even if someone has straight, healthy, and symmetrical teeth, the beauty of their smile could be overshadowed if the gum line is uneven or falls too far below the lips. If you’re suffering from a “gummy smile”, laser gum recontouring could be the right solution for your smile.

Cold Sore Treatment

For patients suffering from cold sore or canker sores, Dr. Landy often recommends laser dentistry treatment. This laser dentistry treatment works by heating the sore lesion in order to kill the virus and stimulate your body’s healing. Treatment typically lasts about 15 minutes, and most patients feel better immediately following their appointment.

Wondering if laser dentistry could be the answer to giving you your best, healthiest smile? Give ReNew Dental Care a call today to schedule your appointment at our Bermuda dental office.