Gum Disease Treatment In Bermuda

Gum Disease Treatment and Periodontal Services

When your body senses threats like infections, lacerations, or foreign bacteria, it is designed to rush to protect the area being threatened. The inflammatory response in healthy individuals kills off bacteria and helps to speed healing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to infections in your mouth, treatment can be a little more complicated. When your body detects plaque, tartar and bacteria in your mouth, instead of actively attacking the bacteria, it starts to protect itself by backing away. If the early stages of gum disease are left untreated, gums will recede away from the teeth, which can trigger a variety of other dental and oral health problems.

Thankfully, our Doctor offers treatment for any stage of periodontal disease to help your gums and the rest of your body heal. 

Pinhole Gum Therapy

Receding gums can weaken your teeth, cause root damage and even leading to tooth loss. Through Pinhole Gum Therapy, receding gums are stabilized without using traditional surgical procedures such as cutting, grafting and stitches. This minimally invasive procedure can restore years to your smile and improve your overall health.

Gum Treatments

Gum disease increases your risk of systemic health problems, making it more difficult for your immune system to do its job. Ask our Doctors how non-surgical periodontal therapy can help prevent serious health problems like heart disease, pneumonia, premature labor, and more.

Gingivitis Treatment

Gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums, is often painless at first, making it difficult to diagnose without regular dental checkups. It can be a potentially serious condition, which is why it’s vital to get regular dental exams including 'periodontal probing'.

If you have been diagnosed with or are concerned you might have gingivitis, our Doctor's offer a range of treatments to reverse or stop the progression of gum disease. If you are in the early stages of gingivitis, most treatment options are non-surgical procedures.

Gum Graft Surgery

Gum grafting is a common periodontal procedure performed at ReNew Dental Care.  Your own or substituted tissue is placed, than the gum is released and re-positioned to cover the exposed root or tooth.   Once completed, the soft tissue surrounding your teeth can begin to naturally regenerate, restoring a healthier smile. Benefits include reduced sensitivity, an improved smile appearance and overall improvement of gum health. 

If you’re concerned about the health of your smile, don’t put off calling our dental office any longer. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment with Doctors and start taking control of your smile’s health! We believe in gentle, compassionate care that considers the whole person.